Pick a Poem

Pick A Poem was launched in 2020 by the creators of Star Name Registry, with the mission of creating a user-friendly service that creates custom poems for all occasions. The creation of this project was inspired by the abundance of inconvenient and lacklustre custom-poem services. 

Unlike those services, this has several customisable options and an easy-to-navigate website to ensure that we are the best to create emotional and thoughtful gifts. With custom frame options, designs and over 200 poems to choose from we guarantee a unique and caring gift. 

Through the success of our other quality customisable gift companies, Maps for Moments and Star Name Registry, we were able to create this phenomenally ergonomic service. It is ideal for those who are constantly on the go. This is due to our poem builder being able to work great with mobile phones or laptops. 

We use high-grade equipment and immersive tools to ensure they are of the best quality in the industry. We can promise that our products are a gift that will never disappoint. 

When ordering with us, there is no need for you to design anything – it is all done… well… by us!

pick a poem product